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eAttending App Gets Doctor's Orders to Nurses STAT

There's probably no communication more frequent, and perhaps as crucial as the communication between doctors and nurses in the hospital. The eAtteding app is a medical messenger facsimile that physicians can use to send orders to nurse's stations from their iOS device.

Any nurses station equipped with a fax machine can integrate with eAttending. It is a simple and efficient tool to expedite the communication process for time-sensitive medical communications. eAttending was released in July 2014 on iTunes.


After downloading the app, a user enters their registration data, including the user's medical institution, position, phone number and fax number. That information generates a custom template for facsimile forms sent via the app. All orders are authenticated with a password plus the user's signature.

Nurses station phone number can be entered by the user and stored in a 'Contacts Book.' eAttending also keeps a record of faxes sent and any fax composed but unsent.

Ten free faxes are included with purchase—eAttending costs $24.99. That's a fair price for the security of using eAttending with it's authentication feature.

The cost may, at first, seem high but consider the price for other facsimile apps currently on the market which can run as high as about $80.00. The lower-priced apps typically allow only users to send one page faxes once per day.

To send more pages, or more faxes per day, users have to upgrade via an in-app purchase—the prices for which vary by app. Higher priced facsimile apps may offer more features, but (without reviewing every one of them) security features may be lacking. Thus, be sure to carefully research for this feature.

Benefits for Doctors

It can be a real hassle to have to look up phone and fax numbers every time orders need to be sent. And then wait around for confirmation of receipt. With eAttending, doctors can quickly select the nurses station, enter the order, and send. The authenticated transmission takes just seconds to complete.

Doctors can have confidence in the developer: Appetizer Mobile is a top-rated website and mobile platform development company whose founders and executive officers have experience working with some of the biggest names in healthcare, industry, education and entertainment. They focus on the architecture, intuitive design and utility of mobile products that make it more efficient and productive to get work done.


Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible only with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Being new, the app has not yet been rated in the iTunes store, but healthcare practitioners are invited to inquire about the app or provide feedback. You can use this form to contact the developer, Appetizer Mobile, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Karen M. Rider, M.A. is a freelance writer with special interests in wellness, health psychology, healthcare news and integrative medicine.

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