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Review: EZClaim Advanced 7

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EZClaim Advanced 7 ( is medical billing software that has libraries for physicians, facilities, and payers, and it has the ability to do payment tracking and authorization. The software can produce patient statements that show both the insurance balance and the patient balance.

EZClaim Advanced also includes a production report and product codes. The product codes allow you to charge different amounts for the same procedure code. It also has claim templates available, and reminders to backup your data, with the option to automate these functions, using an optional server setting.

EZClaim Advanced Version 7 came out in 2007. Additional modules have to be purchased if you want to be able to:
  • set-up a network
  • do electronic billing
  • do DMERC Billing to all 4 regions
  • use the online and phone support.

In Use
After installing the software, which takes some of time, the design is simple and easy to use. It is not, however, multi-user friendly. You can set up a network of 2-5 computers, but it must be a wired network which is in one facility. Setting up the network is somewhat difficult and confusing. The main issue I had with this software is the fact that you need to purchase several add-ons just to use the basic functions. When all is said and done the entire software is rather expensive.

Technology employed

The EZClaim Advanced 7 software is installed locally on your workstation. If you have a network, it must be a wired network. In addition, the software has to be locally installed on each workstation. You must have Windows 2000, XP or higher. This software is not compatible with Mac computers. And a Pentium III Class or higher processor is required. You will need Internet access to download updates. Wireless networks are not supported by EZClaim, nor is remote (internet) operation.

Ease of use, configuration, and deployment

The EZClaim Advanced 7 software is somewhat difficult to install. To use this software on a network, each workstation that is accessing the database must have an EZClaim Advanced 7 user license. You will also need to purchase the network connector module, which includes a monitoring tool. This network must be at one physical location. Your wired network of 2 to 5 computers must already be set up prior to the installation. Cable modems, remote networks, or Internet connections are not supported by this software. Once you learn the basics, entering data into the system is rather easy.

The software can produces patient statements, which show both the insurance balance and the patient balance. EZClaim Advanced also includes a production report and product codes. The product code allows you to charge different amount for the same procedure code. It also has claim templates available and reminders to backup your data and the option to even automate them using an optional server setting. It has a simple design and easy to use once you learn the basic layout.

  • Simple design and layout
  • Have to pay for online support
  • System needs several add-ons to use the features
  • Multi-user functions difficult to install
My Opinion
It wasn’t until I actually spoke to an EZClaim representative that I understood exactly what the company was all about. The company is a clearinghouse which seems to have designed the software as an afterthought. At first look, the price seems reasonable. However, after purchasing all the additional add-ons that are needed just to run the system, the price becomes quite high. And if that wasn’t enough, online, or phone support is only available at a charge. On the other hand, the company does include a 220 page manual to help you install and operate the system. There are many other medical software products on the market that do a lot more for less money.

Karen Corey

Karen Corey
Karen Corey is a freelance writer and researcher with over 10 years experience in marketing research and healthcare. She does reviews, articles, and blogs on a variety of topics and specializes in SEO and all types of software. She resides in Southern California.
Comments (1)
1Thursday, 22 July 2010 09:07
Guest user
I currently use EZ Claim Advanced to bill Ambulance Claims for approxiately 600 to 900 claims per month. My question, is EZ Claim Advanced 7 a good software program to bill up to 17,000 transportation claims per month?
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